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Video from Day 2 on Ice

Here is a quick video from my morning ice session yesterday.

Through Brock I was fortunate to have Mike Ireland, 4-time Olympian and former World Sprint Champion, come out and coach me for the morning sessions this week. It is great to have a set of eyes on you as there are so many things to work on out on the ice.

The focus for now has been to relax my upper body, use both sides of my blades (means getting my hips / shoulders outside my skate), and getting a good lean on the turn. In the video I mention "belly out", that means that you skate a stride outside to attack the corner and get a good lean to hold throughout the corner - the corners are where you build speed, currently, that is where I am losing it...

If the video looks like I am slow that is likely due to the fact that I am... :) Give me a break.

Have a pretty beast day today - two ice sessions and then Brock was kind enough to add hill sprints at Edworthy Park for the late PM session. The ice bath could not come soon enough!

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