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Turn Cable Race Simulation: 1,000m

July 10th, 2010

Last night was Brock’s 30th birthday so we were out with friends at Bridges. During dinner Joanna, Brock’s girlfriend, asked me what my least favorite exercise was. At the time I did not have a very good answer as everything has been so new.

After this morning’s workout I now have my answer.

Turn Cable Race Simulation

The structure of the program is set up as a pyramid. Starts at 500m (2 turns) then 1,000m (5 turns ...

Two PBs & One Scolding From Rick

July 9th, 2010

Started the day off with a nice Grouse Grind with three quarters of Team Provident’s sponsors! Joining me for the 2.9km trek up Grouse Mountain was my brother Mike and Rebecca Bligh from Provident Security and Rich Patterson from Big Coast Brands. We almost had 100% attendance except my other brother Stephen (from Ubertor & OTD), along with his wife Sarah, just welcomed baby Stuart James into ...

Progress is Being Made

July 8th, 2010

Just finished up another slideboard pyramid out at the Richmond Oval (my first one was two weeks ago). Felt a lot more comfortable on the board and was able to get lower and control my upper body much better.

In the above video, towards the end it looks like I am staring into the mirror but I am looking at the lines on the shoulders of my t-shirt. It helps me to tell if my hips are staying ...

Sprint Session & Today's Meals in Pictures

July 6th, 2010

I am definitely feeling a little more sprite over the past two sessions as I am no longer carrying a 200+ pound frame but my start still leaves much to be desired. In the blocks my hips need to be much higher so that my upper body stays lower well past the 3rd step.

At present, my skate starts are a little schizophrenic. On my own time I get a pretty good pop and manage (on occasion) to ke ...

Cool Down

July 4th, 2010
125 min Bike Westin Calgary.jpg
This week was another heavy volume week with the Grouse Grind on Wednesday, squats and cleans on Thursday and Edworthy Park hills on Friday. Yesterday I hit the stationary bike at the Westin Calgary in the morning before attending a friend's wedding.

It was a 125 minute program based on heart rate intervals: 35 mins (sub), 25 mins (aer), 5 min (ana) and then back down again. In total rode j ...

When In Rome

July 3rd, 2010

Knowing that I was headed to Calgary this weekend, Brock threw in a hill workout. About a 30 min jog from the Olympic Oval is a set of hills that the National team trains on. They call them the one minute hills because it takes about a minute to run to the top of them. Today's program called for 2 sets of 4 hill runs (8 in total). One minute to summit and then eight to recover / get to the b ...

Sprint Workout at Vancouver College

July 2nd, 2010

Here is the video Brock put together from last week's sprint workout. The program consists of rolling starts, block starts and speed skating starts. 

You'll notice at the 0:38 mark he throws in the graphic "I will stay low" as a thought bubble. This is in reference to my body position staying low through the first 40 meters of the spring. I need to keep my body low, driving my legs behind m ...

An Afternoon With Wotherspoon

July 1st, 2010
Kevin Jagger Jeremy Wotherspoon Nagano Silver MedalIts not every day you meet a world record holder. For me, today was one of those rare days.

I had the amazing opportunity to spend a couple of hours with four-time Olympian and current 500 m long track world record holder Jeremy Wotherspoon while visiting Calgary for the long weekend.

A couple of weeks back Brock, Jeremy and Mike Ireland had gone golfing up in Kelowna to celebrate their rec ...
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