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Quantum Pacific Logo.png Quantum Pacific Capital is a sponsor of multiple Canadian Olympians as we believe that financial support of athletes translates directly to success on the field. Unlike other countries such as the USA and Australia, Canadian athletes have to rely on minimal government funding sources which puts them at a competitive disadvantage. Beyond a few national funding sources, Own the Podium and an extremely limited large corporate sponsor universe, most athletes are on their own and normally do not have the tools or initiative to obtain external private funding.

Kevin however, has taken a very unique and proactive approach to sponsorship. His methods have been to actively court sponsors, keeping them constantly informed of his progress and overall making the sponsor relationship a two-way street. Sponsors need to feel engaged and feel like they are truly part of a team and not just a logo on a helmet. Kevin has done this particularly well via social media, fundraising events, etc. He builds a partnership with his sponsors which is critical to ensuring continued funding.

Kevin's fundraising success to date is a model that should be employed by the rest of the Canadian athletic community.

Greg Mazur, CEO, Quantum Pacific Capital 
EPTA Fine Custom Homes.png Our company continues to support Kevin and Long Track Long Shot and have committed our support of Kevin long term. Supporting Kevin provides our firm with the opportunity to associate with an athlete that represents our brand and commitment to excellence through hard work, and at the same time provides solid value through Kevin's conscious effort to highlight his sponsors contributions through his blog, social and mainstream media exposure, sponsor events, and regular updates on his impressive quest.

Dollar for dollar, this is perhaps the best value for any sponsorship our firm has ever contributed towards in over 40 years.

Chris Tsakumis, Vice President, Epta Ventures

Thank You to My Sponsors!

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